Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to Run Video Ads on YouTube?

Hi friends most of us used social media platforms and mostly know business also have social media fan and business pages. Even not only common man mostly celebrities hire people to manage there fan pages. For example Tata Group has also have a YouTube channel for it. As well as have Facebook business pages. In same manners all mostly celebrities use Facebook fan pages like Roger Federer or even political leaders have Facebook fan pages like Angela Merkel's also have a Facebook fan page.

So for branding purpose every business need YouTube video advertising and Facebook advertising.
There are following steps to run a YouTube advertising:-
1. Create an Google Adwords account, (Because YouTube also a Google's product, and these ads come under google) and linked with your YouTube and if already created or created one and linked it with ad-words account.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube channel.
  2. Click your channel icon or name in the upper corner of the page to select the channel you want to link.
  3. Click My Channel.

  1. Click Video Manager.
  2. Under "Channel," click Advanced.
  3. Under "Link an AdWords for video account," click Link an AdWords account.

  1. Sign in to AdWords for video: adwords.google.com/video 
  2. Copy the Customer ID from the top-right corner of the AdWords website.
  3. Paste the Customer ID into box on the current YouTube link Adword account page.
  1. Once the owner of the AdWords account approves your request, your YouTube channel will be linked to that AdWords account.
And we can link an YouTube account through and Adword account also.After linking, Go to your Adword account, create new campaign then go to the campaign and create new ad groups. In ad groups next to “Your video,” choose a YouTube video (It shows your YouTube Video channel's video here if perfectly linked.)
Now we have set up the campaign, but before running the video, we should set also following thing:-
1. In General setting:- Choose the desired budget and set your desired budget per day.
2. In  Location:- Set the targeted area where you want to show up your ads like specific city or country.
3. In Advance setting:- You can set up the timing for your ads to show. For example:- 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.
or whole day- night(24 hours).
4. Targeted user/ audience:- In this you can choose audience age, gender, interest etc.
5. Keywords:- You can set the keyword at campaign level as well as add group level. After selecting the keywords and negative keywords you can run live your ads.
Reporting and Analysis:- After running your ads you can show each video has how many impression and completion.As well as which one is performing good and in which location.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Which Hollywood Actress Has Best Hip (Butt)

Hi friends, Mostly women thinks men attract towards women because of beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, beautiful chicks, beautiful nose, beautiful dress, beautiful jewelry, and other things, it might be fact but as we have seen in our day to day life, when a woman goes or girl goes people take an eye on her hips, or protruding buttocks when they passes near by them. So, there are some beautiful assets holders Hollywood actress:-

You can see here in 1st pic. Kylie Jenner beautiful buttock selfie in red undergarment. She regularly posts such types of pics on internet.

She is vivian Okyere, a well known assets holder in the world. Her curly butts attracts men so much. According to her "I was once walking by the New Town road in Accra and one guy driving a vehicle looked at me till he almost caused an accident. I felt bad about it. My pastor told me I can attract men with my butts and preach to them about God to accept Christ in their lives".
These priceless buttocks belongs to the popular American rapper, song writer, and performer Nicki Minaj. No doubt, she has the best assets to attract a man. We can see her gorgeous butts pictures on Nicki's twitter account.
She doesn't have any special identity. Her big booty is only her identity. She has so many followers on  Hafiia Mira's Instagram account . We can find many attractive pics of her there. She has so much beautiful booty it is a bit unfair to the other girls.
We never ignore Kim Kardishian beautiful assets. She has also big and heavy beautiful butts. She is an famous American TV star. Even she is mother of a child then she has grown an influential online and social media presence, including tens of millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Sofia Vergara has also wonderful woman assets. She is a Colombian-American actress, television host, model and businesswoman. We have posted here two pictures of her beautiful assets. But According to Khushiyan Bhejo and Gifts Delivery in Punjab, there might be some other beautiful actress and television artist like Rihanna who has beautiful assets in Hollywood.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Benefits Of Mobile Apps in Business

As we know that mobile apps are not only limited to the just large or mega scale business entities but are also catering to all kinds of small sector enterprises. Because of this the small scale entrepreneurs gets highly attracted towards this. Mobile Apps also aids in reducing the costs by Short Message Service (SMS). Due to this, the communications are secured and instant. The massive benefits of mobile apps are the following; Firstly, you could increase your exposure of your business; Secondly, enhance the visibility and accessibility over mobile devices and lastly building up the loyalty, reinforce your brand and recognition. The fundamental place where a common man searches for a product or service is on the web. So, if your business is accessible on the net, and you also provide them with a Mobile App, the impression will last forever to your customers. They will be able to do transactions directly from the app there itself. They are basically designed to run on smart phones and help users who gather information via their desktops or notebook computers to rapidly connect with the growing world. A mobile app should be well-polished and beautiful. This means that , your mobile app should be such that your customers should get involved in it. The customers only use mobile phones, touchpad’s, or other mobile devices for getting information essentially. It highly confers to the brand recognition of the business. If you need to provide an offline access without a network or internet then a mobile app is the best medium to deliver the content likewise. The net connection is not required again and again. The major gain of a mobile app is that you can give the information of sales and promotions like having some contests, providing discount coupons, special prizes, rebates, etc in it. They also cater to the information related with prices of the product and latest news related to it. Mobile Apps serves as a direct channel between the customers and the business. The organization can also provide the customers with having get announcements of some special events, or launches, or can make their appointment schedules, etc.

Rohtak's Shakshi Malik Win First Medal For India

 Congratulation to India for winning first medal in RIO Olympics by "Rohtak ki Chori- Shakshi Malik". He was sure regarding his winning till end as he expressed.

 She defeated Kyrgystan's Aisuluu Tynybekova of Kyrgyzstan after trailing 0-5 in the first period in the medal clash. After this winning she became the fourth daughter  athlete to win an Olympics medal after Karnam Malleshwari, Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal.

 She jumped on the mat with a big smile on her glorious  face before being hoisted by her coach Mr. Kuldeep Singh with the Indian tri-colour draped around her.

She win after falling behind 0-5 following the first period in the do-or-die bout. The Indian turned the tables on the Kyrgyzstan wrestler in the dying seconds of the bout as Tynybekova was in complete command in most part of the clash. 

She stated that "Aakhir tak dimag mein tha medal tera hai".

Monday, August 15, 2016

PM Modi Sends SMS Wishes on the Occasion of Independence Day - 15 August, 2016

If You got an SMS regarding Independnce Day, behave normal. Becuause, this an automatic message by PMO to greet every Indian on 15th August on the Behalf of our PM Narender Modi. Narender Modi also addressed to our country from the Wall of Red Fort. He gave an awesome speech on current situations. He warns Paksitan in his speech not to appriciate the terror. He also thanked people of Bluchistan, Gilgat, Baltistan to favor India. He not just warned only Pakistan as well as also indicate China also for POK region for their wrong intentions.

He served a strong speech against terrorism and maoism and warned.  He remembered all ex political leaders like, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chander Bosh.

A red turban and white Kurta Payjama gave him a lion look. He invited neighboring countries to fight against poverty as well as feel synpathy on Peshawar attack on behalf of our country.

He also talk about GST billls and employment and adhar card planning.

I am here stated the message what I got today on the behalf of our Prime Minister-
" Independence Day greetings to you. We salute our freedom fighters. Jai Hind! You can hear my Red Fort ....."

Friday, August 12, 2016

Once Upon Shahrukh Khan in America... No No... Once Again Shahrukh in America Airport

Shahrukh khan at US airport after detaining
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 I got this news through SRK twitter Accounts.  Shahrukh Khan tweeted,
 "I fully understand & respect security with the way the world is, but to be detained at US immigration every damn time really really sucks."
This is not the first time, When he faced the problem at American Airport. The pic of that tweet shown below :-

In this time, however, he found a silver lining as he “caught some really nice Pokemons” while waiting, he tweeted.

The thunder bird Varsha singh also tweets on sympathatic tweets about his trouble in America. The TVFplay also comment on their twitter account "US police detained ShahRukhKhan at airport and Indian police can't even detain an actor on Footpath."
Freemalaysiatoday also has given place to this news.  We hope, It will never happene with him or any other good personal of  our country. No doubt, He is a great India actor who apears in always good family movies like:- Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Gham, as well as romantic movies like DDLJ, That was the biggest block buster in his career.