Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tips to Send Gifts to Delhi - This Festive Season (20017)

With the changing trends people are preoccupied with busy work schedules even on festivals and are not able to visit their loved ones physically during the festive season. So, if this festive season your loved ones are staying in the capital city of Delhi while you are in other part of the country, you can easily send gifts to them on festivals. However, it is advisable to follow certain tips while planning to send gifts to Delhi especially during festivals in order to make your loved ones happy.

Send Flowers Online to Delhi

As technology is fast progressing, one can easily send gifts to their dear ones through the help of online portals available in the market. Flowers are synonymous to positive energy during festivals. They are not only used as the beautiful floral decorations during the festival time but also impart harmony as well as beauty within relationships. With the availability of online florist in Delhi, one can easily send vibrant variety of floral bouquets, flower hampers and floral charms on festivals. Fresh fragrance of flowers is a perfect gift to wish your loved ones on their special days.

Try Sending Gift Vouchers Instead of Gifts

Another amazing thing that you can easily do in order to wish your loved ones with gifts is through sending gift vouchers to them. With the help of gift vouchers your near ones in Delhi can easily buy things of their choice during the festive season. It is considered to be as one of the most convenient option of gifting on the festive occasion. As per the utility of your loved ones they can easily buy the gift through redeeming the vouchers. It is a great trend among Delhi people of exchanging gift vouchers instead of gifts.

Avail the Benefits of Discounts

These days a lot of new discounts and deals are available online for one to easily send flowers to Delhi and pamper their loved ones. If you have siblings at home or who are studying in Delhi then you can send some peppy chocolates and teddy bears as festive gifts. One of the best way to celebrate festivals with lot of zeal is through the help of discounts and deals that are always associated with festivals. You can grab a deal to enjoy maximum benefits while gifting your favorite people living in Delhi.

Make your Gifts Customized and Personalized

A personalized gift is something that can touch the chord of your relationship with your loved one. Customizing gifts as per the occasion of festival for your dear ones in Delhi can bring joy and happiness in the bond that you cherish with them. You can make your flowers delivery in Delhi customized along with some personalized DIY ideas. Personalized gifts are the best options that can pep up the mood of your loved one.

Monday, July 24, 2017

How Rakhi is Celebrated in India

India is a country with full of colors and festivals. Here people of different cultures and languages are all united by the festivals, which are celebrated throughout the year. Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi is also a part of our Indian festivals. Rakhi falls in the month of August before Janmashtami.

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Rakhi Celebration
Rakhi is a festival of joy and care. In this, the sister puts tilak with roli and few grains of rice to her brother and then ties Rakhi on the wrist of her dear brother for his long life and the brother promises to stay beside her in every ups and downs in life and protect her from every harm. The brother and sister then exchange gifts as a sign of love and care. Rakhi is the festival especially for brothers and sister. This is the reason that, on the day of Rakhi there is no charges for females travelling in Haryana Roadways, so that no brothers hand is left without a Rakhi. Whereas in Jammu the people start flying Kites a month before the festival, in which kites of variety of texture and colours, small and large are included.

Though the methods of celebrations are different but the motive is same. This festival shows the relation and love between a brother and sister. The bond between a sister and brother is one of the strongest bond as they have been together in every phase of life together and they grew up together. They understand each other more than anyone else could. Not only in India but Rakhi is celebrated world-wide including Nepal, Bangladesh and many more. Now in the age of advancement the siblings living far from each other celebrate the festival by sending each other Rakhis, Gifts, Sweets. In this way, they get to be in the festival together without physically being present with each other. This is the festival in which Caste, religion, distance, age etc doesnt matter at all, all that matters is the love and bond between a brother and sister.

Steps in Rakhi Celebrations:
  1. Arrange a "Pooja Thali" (with beautiful rakhi thread, roli or kumkum powder, rice grains, diya, agarbattis and variety of sweets on a clean metal plate).
  2. Then sister performs "Aarti" for his brother with this Pooja Thali for his long life and success.
  3.  The sister then ties the holy thread of rakhi on the wrist of her brother’s right hand.
  4.  The sister puts a "Tilak" on the forehead of his loved brother with roli.
  5.  The rice grains are dispersed on his head.
  6. Then the sister offers sweets to his lovable brother.
  7.  Finally, the brother presents a gift or money to the sister and oaths to save her from every ups and in life.